Rosémance | Precious Blush
Rosémance | Precious BlushRosémance | Precious Blush

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Our Classic Round Velvet Box is comprised of 16-20 Elegant Preserved Garden Roses set in the Parisian inspired hat style box.

The classic arrangements will elevate any space with Elegance and classic

**Please note that variations will occur since all of our Garden roses are unique individuals and are carefully made by our talented designers.

Returns & Refunds 

Please choose carefully as we will not be able to offer refund or exchange on Our arrangments  due to simple change of mind or failure to observe shipping information. All our arrangements are made to order.

Please read our shipping and refund policy

How to Care

Care for your Roses

  1. Please do not remove our roses arrangement from the boxes until they have served their time as it would damage the flower petal
  2. Please do not water, our roses do not need water to keep alive instead it be happy in a dry/low humidity place
  3. Please avoid staying in direct sunlight for too long, the sunlight will burn and fade our beautiful roses
  4. Gentle dusting occasionally as dust may build up over time.
  5. Place your elegant arrangement in an eye-catching spot to wow everyone!

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